Social Programme

Riga Walking Tour

Friday 4 November from 19:15 (1.5-2 hours, leaving from the conference venue)
€20 per person 

Please note this tour does not include food

The UNESCO-listed historic centre of Riga is renowned for its medieval monuments and striking Art Nouveau architecture. On this tour, the group will explore the atmospheric Old Town on foot—stroll down the maze of cobblestone lanes; admire landmarks such as the National Opera, Riga Dome Cathedral, St Jacob’s Church, and St Peter’s Church; and optionally sample Riga Black Balsam, a traditional Latvian herbal liqueur. Old Riga is the part of the city where many centuries meet up in one place and so the group will walk through 800 years of Riga together with professional guide. On our walking tour, the group will discuss history, architecture, culture, politics, religion, life today, and other topics.

Cooking evening

Friday 4 November from 19:15 (2.5 hours, leaving from the conference venue)
€80 per person

Please note this tour includes food

This evening’s activity will take place in one of the most creative restaurants in Latvia owned by 3 talented local chefs. The restaurant is located in the Old Town, just 10 minutes walk from the hotel. Together with chefs the group will cook dinner that will be served and enjoyed afterwards. The group will be divided into smaller groups and will cook the following dishes:

  • Pumpkin marinated in quince, caramelised pumpkin seeds, apples, goat cheese
  • Tiger prawn chowder with mussels
  • Corned chicken fillet with charred cabbage and velouté sauce
  • Caramelised apples with oatmeal and ginger ice cream